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The renowned and famous spiritual personality of the time Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar has been a source of spiritual revolution for the mankind all around the world. In the age of on going rat race and materialism, the spirituality of His Holiness has made tens of thousands people valuable for the society. They are earning the dearness of Allah and Rasool by arranging sittings of Zikar-o-Naat and welfare activities for the society. Countless people are being given the spiritual and physical cure from Aastana Alia Lasania. His Holiness Lasani Sarkar has been doing welfare activities for mankind irrespective of religion, sect, caste, creed and race. Under the esteemed chairmanship of His Holiness,   Lasani  Welfare  Foundation   has   gained   a
prominent position in the society for its "Welfare for All" slogan. Alms houses for the needy and poor have been developed country wide. This is the fruit of efforts of Lasani Sarkar that more than five thousand Mashaikh have gathered under the umbrella of Organization of Mashaikh-e-Uzam Pakistan. His Holiness Lasani Sarkar has also been honored with two Gold medals for his priceless services to the mankind.
Declaration by His Holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar Since 1993
Any one from any religion, sect or school of thought, who has not yet seen the true path, do toba (ask forgiveness) and affiliate with this Faqeer (Siddui Lasani Sarkar) for a month only. The true path will be seen by oneself (Inshallah).
More than 250,000 peoples of more than 28 countries from different walks of life, relegions and sects like hinduism, sikhism, christianity, qadianiat, parcees and decliners of spirituality after experiencing the true path are earning spiritual benefits.
The overturning the Nawaz Government by General Musharraf was a rightful act in the best interest of Pakistan. General Musharaf should not be embrangled into this issue. He is not a traitor: Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar
23rd Annual Congregation and Inter-religious Peace Alliance Convention
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