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The Dignified Mansion
The feel of holiness and and sanctity over whelms as one enters in the Dignified Mansion. The Zikr of Allah never stops and students obtain the knowledge of Quran in the Jamia Masjid situated inside. Wuzoo place at one side and a spiritual clinic adjacent to it where people suffering from physical diseases are being cured with Dum according to the Sunnah. The company of Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar is acquainting people with the true spirit of Deen by cleaning them from the physical and spiritual deceases. Langer (Alms) is every time ready for the coming guests. The servants regarded as "Khadimeen" serve the guests with a typical down to earth attitude irrespective of status of the coming one. This kind of system was only read in the books but sighted here. The true successors of Aulia Allah are preserving their mental heritage with the devotion and love even today.
The Qalandri approach in combination with strict compliance of Sharriah and passion of love is present with the high values of respect and regard. Hundreds of Mashiakhs have been impressed of such kind of benevolence and have obtained the agreement of discipleship on the prestigious hand of Lasani Sarkar. This kind of discipleship is meant to ascertain more benevolence (Faiz) from the greater Mashaikhs. Therefore, any one who watches the system going on headed by His Holiness cannot help him to get attracted. His Holiness is that much down to earth that some times he brings fruits and other things for guests and looks after their needs by himself.
The habit of politeness and respectful attitude of His Holiness is such, one cannot imagine that he is the personality whose Faiz is famous all over the universe. Thousands of thirsty Tareeqat fellows ask for a single sight of him. On controversial issues and objections His Holiness first smiles then starts some other topic. Gradually the discussion opens the hidden truths and convinces the listeners by heart. The simplicity is such that some ask him about Lasani Sarkar because they cannot sense that he is the character, the fame of whose spiritual generosity, loveliness and benevolence has pulled them here.
His Holiness actually reflects the most powerful and biggest character of time. The character who brings spiritual and mental revolution. The one who fades the hatred away and joins the hearts. The one who sets the mankind free of the philosophical interpretations and religious war fair, questions answers and logics, shows them the reality and takes to the Personality of Allah Almighty.
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