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Fiozo Barakat
1 Dedication
2 Beauty and elegance of the Holy Prophet
3 Preamble
4 Review
5 Cause of writing
6 Expression of thought
7 True dreams
8 Dignity of saints
9 The person who has no saint has no religion
10 And (We) show them right path who intend
11 Brief introduction of hazrat Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Laasani Sarkar
12 Wisdom is eclipsed by the sight yet
13 Bestowed with three saintships within a moment
14 Difference in saint and beloved
15 The holy Prophet (PBUH) blessed in an especial way
16 Came to ask for charity but made a king
17 The one who appoints those saints who are absorbed in the divine meditation
18 Go to Lasani Sarkar
19 Saw such an effectiveness in the eye of a saint
20 Spiritual hurdles cleared
21 Hazrat Ghaus - ul- Azam came to congratulate
22 A saint came to the great mausoleum from Sahiwal on foot
23 Guidance from Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
24 Heart filled with light due grace of Lasani Sarkar
25 Development in spiritual phases
26 I am ready to bliss any time
27 How would you come to know about dignity of Lasani Sarkar
28 Pir Sahib came in the feet of Hazrat Lasani Sarkar
27 Imagination of Lasani Sarkar
28 Lasani Sarkar is a right saint
29 Beloved in the court of the Holy Prophet
30 O boozy! come to tavern!
31 Makes the sun of a grain
32 Old man! where have you been nonplussed?
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