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1 Preface
2 Compilation Cause
3 Recital of Allah (Comprehension & Importance)
4 Recital Instructions in the light of Quran & Hadith
5 Significance of Recital
6 Influence of Recital Place
7 Warning for the Recital Ignorers
8 Types of Recital
9 Grades of Recital
10 Supremacy of Lasani Sarkar's Congregation
11 Prominence of Lasani Sarkar's Congregation
12 Functions of the Nakshbandi Chain
13 Functions in the Morning
14 Functions at night
15 Offering Prayers in the light of Quran and Hadith
16 Signal for the Non-Prayers
17 Instructions and Essence of Group Prayers
18 Prestige of Saints and Holy men
19 Necessity of the Religious Leader
20 Respects of the Religious Leader
21 Oath of Allegiance & its Eminence
22 Discipleship through paper
23 Introduction of The Enlightened One Lasani Sarkar
24 Especial Blessings on Naqshbandi Chain
25 Awareness of some Misconceptions
26 Loveliness of His Holiness Lasani Sarkar
27 Disciples are man an elf
28 Sayings of Hazrat Chaddar Walee Sarkar
29 Spiritual revelation of Saints
30 Stipulation for some spiritual Munificence
31 Types of Spiritual benevolence
32 Momentousness' of "Spiritual Enlightenment"
33 Rules and Directions
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