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1 Significance and importance of asking prayer.
2 Virtues and blessings of 'Tawoz'.
3 Virtues and blessings of ' Tasmiah'
4 For the attainment of invisible assistance and help in every kind of affairs, (Surah Al-Fatiha)
5 Protection of life, Self, Property, Children and also Neighbors, (Ayat-ul-kursi)
6 'Noorr'[divine light-splendour] to be bestowed from the treasures of heaven, ayat/verse of mercy and complete protection .from the evil of Satan/devil.
7 Obtain dignity equal to martyrdom and 70 thousands angels pray for absolution from morning to evening.
8 Obtain treasures of mercy, blessings and safety of faith
9 Thousands of angels write goodness reward for 70 days.
10 Easiest act for the protection of faith, life self and property and family.
11 Protection from devil till morning to evening.
12 Protection from all wickedness and loss, sudden disasters and fatal diseases.
13 For prevention & protection from every kind of evils, bad and poisonous effects.
14 Recite once and obtain 124 thousand goodness future rewards. It has been written for 70 thousand days.
15 Obtain safety from 70 evils and 90 diseases.
16 Sufficient process for any kind of intention/goal.
17 The way to please Allah.
18 The salvation of every grief of this world and hereafter.
19 Prayer to read at the time of grief and trouble.
20 Complete protection from the evil of devil/Satan and every kind of loss.
21 Two million goodness rewards and pardon of 1 million sins.
22 Goodness future rewards equal to 'Shab-e-Qadar'.
23 Obtain one million rewards by reciting the name of ALLAH in Bazar (Road)
24 Obtain 4 million goodness future rewards
25 Pardon of all sins although equal to the foam of ocean.
26 Protection from 4 big diseases (Leprosy, Madness, Blindness and hambrage.
27 Full of affection advice of Hazrat Mohammad [P.B.U.H]
28 The solution to prevent poverty and starvation.
29 On every kalmia of azan, 2 million goodness reward, 2 thousand grades up in dignity and pardon of 2 thousand sins.
30 Obtain in few moments goodness future reward of sacrificing 4 thousand dinar alms, reading holy Holy Quran once, paying the price of paradise, offering pilgrimage once and to make a truce between 2 quarreling persons.
31 Healing of incurable diseases.
32 Be prosperous and wealthy in journey.
33 Virtue of learning, reading, memorizing, meditation and consideration in Holy Quran Pak
35 Verses/Aayat of Holy Quran
36 Holy hadith
37 Prayer
38 Special Message for Humanity
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