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Dearness in the Holy Courts
In this world of hustle and slag we see man struggling for better life. Man has made wondrous contributions to the world. But with all these achievements kissing its feet we still find man restless and deprived of mental peace. The reason of this can easily be found by giving a quick overview of daily aspects of human life which clearly lack the practice of Islam.
When we try to find spiritual peace in manly goods we find ourselves at loss. When Allah has clearly taught a way to get spiritual tranquility it is by worshipping Him. The greatest peace lies in Namaz. But it is generally observed that our prayers lack purity now. The question is how to make our faith strong enough to defeat attacks of Satan. The easiest answer lies in following the lives of those upon whom Allah showered His blessings.
Those friends of Allah (Aulia) are blessed by Him in different ways. His Holiness Lasani Sarkar is one of them. Lucky are those who benefit themselves from the greatest spiritual leader of time. A glimpse of dearness of this Faqeer in the Holy courts can be observed in the under mentioned spiritual showers;
Loveliness in the Court of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)
٭ Mr. Muhammad Yameen (Khanaiwal) relates his dream as: One day I was blessed with the sacred vision of Prophet (SAW) in a dream He said “Sufi Masood Ahmad is Mehbob-e-Kibriya (Beloved of Allah)”. In another dream Mr. Yameen saw these words written on His Holiness Lasani Sarkar’s forehead “Khas ul khas mehbob e kibriya and khas ul khas mehbob e Mustafa” (The most beloved of Allah and the most beloved of prophet (SAW).
٭ Mr. Muhammad Arif, Brother of His Holiness Lasani Sarkar relates that the night His Holiness departed to the Holy city of Medina for Hajj he had a dream in which he saw all medina decorated very gracefully as if bejeweled to welcome a very special guest, the path from air port to Masjid e Nabvi was decorated with flags. Then he saw Lasani Sarkar stepped out of his air plane, he was greeted very warmly by the people and was seated in a special car. He heard people saying that the special guest for whom all medina was decorated like a bride was His Holiness Lasani Sarkar.
Loveliness in the Court of Caliphs of Islam (R.A)
٭ Mr. Rehan Azhar (Mazhar colony, Faisalabad) relates his dream as “I saw me in a congregation. His Holiness Lasani Sarkar was sitting on stage. After some time I saw Hazrat Abu Bkr Siddique (R.A) entering the folk. He was carrying a crown in his hand. He placed it on Lasani Sarkar’s head and addressed the people as “ I have showered very rare and special blessings from my Silsila (spiritual order) on Lasani sarkar”. Almost bursting with joy and glee of what I had seen on my way home I saw another congregation which was about to begin. I was caught by surprise when I saw Lasani sarkar seated on the stage. Then I saw Hazrat Ali (R.A) coming. He also was carrying a crown which he placed on Lasani Sarkar’s head. He then announced “I have showered countless blessings from Order Qadria on Lasani Sarkar.”
٭ Mr. Yameen has related that “After bait (Agreement of discipleship) I saw Hazrat Ali (R.A) in dream. He was surrounded by a group of people. When he looked at me he smiled and said “Lasani sarkar is our beloved. His threshold is ours. And stay firm to this threshold always.”
Loveliness in eyes of Great Spiritual Leaders (Mashaikh)
٭ Mr. Muhammad Azan Naqshbandi had a vision of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajvery (R.A) in dream. He said “where Lasani sarkar is present so am I and where I am present so is he.” Another time he saw Data Sahib saying “your benefactor is Lasani sarkar”.
٭ Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq relates that a spiritual leader of Pak Paten (Punjab) came in his house. He had served for 20 years in the sacred condo of Hazrat Baba Fareed ud Din Ganj Shakar. One day he came to me and said “I am going to Pak Paten. Please give me your shawl.” It was cold and I gave him my shawl. That night I saw Baba Fareed in my dream he said “offer prayer of gratitude.” I woke up and offered the prayer right after ablution. After sometime I heard a knock on the door it was the same holy man. He returned me my shawl and thanked me. Then he said “after 20 years of service Baba Freed has bestowed me with his sacred vision thanks to your murshid. He has asked me to tell you to offer prayer of thankfulness”. Then I told him that I had already got the message from Baba Fareed himself.
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