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His Holiness was born in a respectful and well-off family of Khanenwal, Pakistan. His father was in Bait on the hands of the Saints of Gollera Sharif (An area near Rawalpindi, Pakistan). He was a very soft hearted and generous personality.
His Holiness Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar was born in the later months of 1960 AD but the His disciples celebrate the same on the first Thursday after the 2nd July every year. The reason behind is that Allah Almighty, in a dream in 1991, instructed Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar to condemn the birthday and ordered to arrange an annual congregation on the first Thursday of every July. As the Holy Soul of His Holiness came into this world in the first weak of July.
The name of His Holiness is Masood Ahmad and title of honour is Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar. It has been witnessed by the Devotees of His Holiness in dreams and spiritual observations that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) or other Saints, express something about His Holiness, address Him as Lasani Sarkar despite of calling the name. This point was asked from His Holiness and he replied, "A dervaish has a name in this world and the other in the Spiritual world (in heavens). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has granted this Faqeer with the name of "Lasani Sarkar"". This is why His devotees and order fellows address him as Lasani Sarkar. Likewise, Hazret Abbu Baker Siddiq (R.A) awarded him with the surname of "Siddiqui".
The Grand father of His Holiness, Fazal Deen Sahab, was a Saint of Qadria Spiritual Order. One day, after Bait with Syedna Chader Wali Sarkar, His Holiness met with a Derwaish from Gujranwala. When he looked at His Holiness, he was irresistible to say " Subhan Allah! Subhan Allah! I can see two kinds of Faiz flowing in your body. One is the Naqshbandia kind and the other is the Qadri one. His Holiness exclaimed " I can understand the Naqshbandia one (As He was Bait in Naqshbandia Succession) but how Qadri Faiz came into me". Derwaish responded, "There must be some Derwaish in you forefathers from the Qadri Succession". "This is the inherited Faiz from your forefathers" he explained. Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar came back home and narrated all to His mother. Then His mother told him that his grand father was in the Qadria Order and a true Saint. It was truly an evidence of inherited Faiz that His Holiness could describe the personality and daily routine of his Grand father though he had died before the birth of Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar. Your family was also very astonished upon this unusual phenomena.
Another incident of the Sactity of His Grand Father is that once the undertaker of the Grave yard came to the shop of his father and told what a holy personality his father has been that for the very first time in his life Hazret Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) came in his dream and said, "house (grave) of our special fellow, Fazal Deen Sahab, has become untidy (because of rain), get it fixed." Once Molana Sardar Sahab was passing through the same grave yard with his devotees, when he reached near to the Grave of Fazal Deen Sahab, he said to them, "He is a Dervaish of our Order, come here and do prayers with his Wasleeh".
While in the Childhood, in dreams His Hoilness used to see himself in mystic state which was a divine inspiration for the noble life in future. His holiness was very young when his father passed away. He obtained the early education from Khanewal and then came Lahore for further education. Allah's mercy can undoubetdly transform any one. Many times, when His Holiness became inspired of worldly things, divine help came for the guidance through dreams. The feel of such relation with the Lord keeps one away from the sins.
Allah Almighty granted him with grace. His Holiness was in high school (12th grade), when he got fed up of the ongoing rat race and materialism in the society and he said good bye to the formal education. When worth of wordly things exposed and repulsion for world produced, His Holiness started to long for a personality of such high character who could hold him off the sins and be a guidance at every step of life. His Holiness was astonished to read the biographies, powers and wonders of Aulia Allah. His instinct told him that these are the special ones of Allah who teach the Book and preach sleflessness. Infact, these blessed ones are the way to Allah. He searched for a Wali-e-Kamil but could not satisfy any where. Therefore, he prayed to Allah;
"O Allah! Show me a matchless beloved personality of Yours". In the mean while seven months passed. He had adopted seclusion during this time. Craving for allah was amplifid and nights were passed crying. Each and every moment was in the same agony.
Allah says in Quran; "They who fight against inner self, we show them our path."
On another place, He says; "And show the way to us, who seeks."
This is a certain truth that the true call of heart attracts the Allah's guidance and consistancy finds the destination. Allah Almighty also says that the one who walks towards me, would find me. When His Holiness walked towards Allah, He grabed him in His endless mercy. His wakeful nights and tears were acknowledged. Allah Almighty fulfilled His promise, in the state of dream a signal was given (A Saint was shown and address given) and it held like this;
"We have guided you to our beloved, Don’t get late, We have guided you, Don’t get late".
The sound was so dire that he prostrated as he listened and firmly believed that it was from Allah Almighty. The same repeated for three consecutive nights. It was a moment of contenment then. His heart filled with immence pleasure. Divine help was with him so he travelled towards the signaled personality in a mystic state.
On the way, His Holiness was thinking "Would that Saint would recognise me?", "Would that Saint make me his disciple?" "O Allah! How good would it be if your beloved Saint would authenticate me about your signal to go there." His Holiness filled with immence pleasure when he reached the Holy mension of Huzoor Mian Sahib Chader Wali Sarkar.Every thing was as observed by him in the dream. At that time, His Holiness was at the age of sixteen or seventeen years. People over there asked His Holiness the purpose of visit. His Holiness expressed His intention to get Bait (to become the Disciple). They replied that it was not a simple process because they had been coming for with the same intention for several years but Chader Wali Sarkar did not Bait them and said, "I will Bait you when Allah will order."
They people wer unaware of the fact that it was Allah Almighty who guided His Holiness here. His Holiness thought if Allah had actually sent Him then Chader Wali Sarkar would surely Bait Him. After a little while, Chader wali Sarkar came there. It happened as His Holiness was thinking when He found Huzoor Mian Sahab waiting for him. The pilgrimage was full of contentment. All the prais to Allah! Exactly the same Holy countenance as was shown in the dream by Allah Subhana Wa Tala. Huzoor Mian Sahab at once said, "You have reached Babu G! I was waiting for you. I have been given orders for three days that you would come for Bait." So, the Murshid changed every thing entirely with a blessed eye. All the delicate points were running in Zikr. Heart became Zakir. A mystic state came over. Ziker with a little concentration would run in each pore of the body. As Chader Wali Sarkar said in the congregation after getting His Holiness Bait, "He is a clean pot, he kept him rustless, otherwise rust wraps in this age."
Chader Wali Sarkar kept His Holiness with Him for three days. During this time the mercy was at its peak and fortunes of knowledge and cognizance of Allah was being bestowed. In the same state, Huzoor Mian Sahab said, "Babu G! people have been coming to me for even ten or fifteen years, I have not bestowed them as much as bestowed you in a night time only."
At that time, some people present in the Holy mension said that they had been visiting for several years but never treated like this. Sarkar listened thema and said, " there is nothing in being stagnant, the kind of heart He came with go and get such". After this Huzoor Mian Sahab, in a state of love, raised the slogans in the name of His Holiness.
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