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Protest --- Protest --- Protest --- Nationwide Protest
Nationwide Protesting rallies start from Faisalabad by Organization of Mashaikh-e-Uzam Pakistan against the disrespect of Prophets, Ahl-e-Bait, Khulafay Rashideen and Aulia Allah, disregard of Shrines, suicide attacks, literature on religious sectarianism and price hike.
If demands are not fulfilled, rallies will be held in all the cities of Pakistan, Organization of Mashaikh-e-Uzam Pakistan.
Thousands of people participated in rally organized by the Organization of Mashiakh-e-Uzam Pakistan in Faisalabad. Rally started from the Lasani Secretariat that reached Press Club through Fawara Square, Satyana Road and GTS Square. Peer Ahsan ul Haq Sajid, General Secretary Organization of Mashiakh-e-Uzam (OMUP), Mohammed Rehan Khan Nakshbandi, Co-ordinator (OMUP), Mohammad Nasir Ali Gill, Secretary Public Affairs, Mohammad Ramzan, Member Lasani Welfare Foundation and other speakers addressed to rally. All of them said this rally is start of the program that has been announced by the Leader of Spiritual Revolution, Sufi Masood Ahmad Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar, Chairman Organization of Mashaikh-e-Uzam Pakistan. If demands are not fulfilled the chain of rallies will be extended to the rest of Pakistan as well. The demands raised by the speakers were;
٭… Govt should control the sheer price hike and the responsible mafia and hoarders must be arrested.
٭… Proper steps should be taken to stop the disgrace of Holy shrines and the terrorist elements backing the suicide attacks must be arrested and eradicated.
٭… The literature on sectarianism must be banned and strict legal action must be taken against the responsible.
٭… Neither 295-C must be voided nor amended. However, its wrong use must be stopped.
٭… Ban must immediately be imposed upon the organizations involved in the suicide attacks on the Shrines of Huzoor Data Sahab, Hazret Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Hazret Baba Fareed Ganj Shaker and Other Aulia Allah.
٭… Islamic schools must be cleaned of arms.
٭… Strict legal action must be taken against those who give Fatwas against Aulia Allah and spread sectarianism.
In the rally, all the organizations announced to revoke political affiliations with political parties like PML-N, PPP and PML-Q. the protest was very much organized and no unhappy incident took place.
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